The Commonwealth Games going on in Delhi, India, have a slogan: ‘Come out and Play’. International games events like these bring out the true colors of nations, territories and countries. Sports in general tend to unveil the inhibitions, fears and misgivings that a people hold about themselves. But at these major events, those who represent, leave behind their thoughts and become the true ambassadors of their fellow countrymen.

Let us talk about the commonwealth. What is this commonwealth? Basically the commonwealth represents a loose association of former British colonies or areas which once were part of the Raj. In these commonwealth games, 71 teams are participating, representing 53 countries. The number of teams is more than the number of countries as some of the teams like Cook Islands, Niue Island, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales cannot be politically identified as independent countries; they are represented by the UK, Australia and New Zealand in matters of foreign affairs and hence have no seat in the United Nations. A status like this was and is still a distant dream for our Sikh nation and the state of Punjab where we as a separate identity can fulfill our desire to be a free nation and enjoy an unhindered breath of fresh air.

The Commonwealth Games were started in 1930 known then as the British Empire Games. It was in 1978 that the present name of Commonwealth Games was adopted. Even though countries like the USA, Israel, Burma, Iraq and Bahrain were once under the Raj, they chose not to be the part of this legacy. The Games which are currently under way in Delhi, have almost 7000 athletes participating competing for 273 gold medals. Presently India is performing very well and has a ranking second only to Australia, and is in close competition with England. To me, the Games represent two things: the young; and those people who have a unique identity. Being associated with, I would like to encourage the young audience to adopt a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle. To live life in a better manner. The spirit of sport and being able to perform and compete has helped me over the years to keep my sanity and life alive. It will do that and more for you.