A stones throw from Marble Arch and just off the World-famous Oxford Street is Old Quebec Street, where this past Sunday evening an incident occurred involving retired Indian Lt. General K S Brar. Detailed news of the alleged attack have been slow to emerge and instead, media propaganda suggesting that there has been a rise in Sikh extremism has filled the column inches and broadcast bulletins of the Indian media.

The truth is sure to come out for as seen in our news special, we counted at least seven CCTV cameras on the part pedestrian – part one way road that is Old Quebec Street. There are no entrances to any major hotel, but there is an Indian restaurant, a traditional pub and an upmarket casino, busy places even on a cold Sunday night in London.

Since the news was first announced by Indian media, we at Naujawani.com have not denied that there might be some involvement by Sikh individuals. What we have argued is that until an investigation leads to arrests, under the rule of law in this country, further debate about a potential rise in Sikh extremism is both unwise and will ultimately be unfounded. Beyond question is the erratic manner in which details of this incident have been reported and the video appearances by Brar himself in suspect circumstances. On neither occasion did he appear to be wounded in the manner of one who had been subject to attempted murder, whilst an increase in bandages in the follow-up video appearance did nothing for his credibility.

There is more to this entire happening than meets the eye and upon analysis of recent times, it can be concluded to be linked to wider events.