Author: Gurbir Singh Nakhwal

Wedding Videos!

Theres no hiding it: Punjabis love watching back family videos. 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, Akhand Paaths, graduations, home-comings etc. As I plan for my wedding next year, there is one thing that haunts me daily: wedding...

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Oscar short-lists 1984 film Kush

As many Sikhs occupied themselves by signing petitions this week, news of a rather astonishing achievement has been overlooked. Kush, a short film about the 1984 Sikh genocide had made the short-list for an Oscar nomination...

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Making films > film festivals

With the advent of the all-in-one film maker, it hardly surprises me to wake each morning to a fleet of new films on my Vimeo home page. The power of the internet allows anyone, anywhere to publish their film to a potential...

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