‘Being True’ by Harwinder Singh Mander
A spoken word piece produced by Flo Studio Films.
Part of the ‘Brown Voices’ series which features various aspiring poets sharing their poems.

What’s it mean to be a Singh?
Big-old dastaar? Walking tall like a King? Flowing Beard?
Tell me how true does this ring?
Have we made the 5 K’s nothing more than bling bling?
There are too many wannabe Singh’s, that don’t wanna learn how we came and what it took to get here;
Inexperienced. Now, playing on their fear,
The wolves come out to creep in Father’s guise, leading young sheep astray.

Word from the wise:
Educate yourself. Walk the path. Realise.
True Sikhi can’t be imitated. You’ve got a brain Singh, utilise!
Are you a student of Truth in God’s eyes?
Or are you part of somebody’s agenda? Learn to see through there lies.

Everybody needs a hero, living or dead.
Myself, I have a few; I know we hang on every word said!
Be aware though, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t lose your head:
Spouting propaganda when you don’t understand a shred!

Just want a quiet life, content and free.
If you witness injustice, write, publish and demo peacefully.
Should you come under attack, harness the power of five in defence;
my Guru’s sword is not a weapon of offence, though don’t underestimate:
This double-edged blade is sharp, just unwieldy when used in hate.
Baba Nanak is light to all, within us all.
Dishonest ones: be afraid when the reaper comes to call.

Reciting, regurgitating, preaching… uh-uh!
Listen, read, understand and live by these words. Tsk!
They’re not just words, divine nourishment for all matter.
Not just the soul and brain, these celestial vibrations act as the building blocks of the Universe.
Tune yourself into the frequency, no need to rehearse!
Do you want to hear it, taste it, feel it, touch it, smell it?
Don’t waste another second: if you want it, you can be it.