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The arguments put forward by both left and right debaters may not reflect their actual opinions.

World: With the risk of chemical weapons being used in the Syrian conflict, should global powers and the UN intervene?
Advocating YES – Jagdeep Singh (left)
Advocating NO – Shamsher Singh (right)

UK: Would Britain be better off leaving the EU?
Advocating YES – Shamsher Singh (right)
Advocating NO – Jagdeep Singh (left)

Punjabi: As Pakistan votes in a national election, can everyday people expect a brighter future?
Advocating YES – Jagdeep Singh (left)
Advocating NO – Shamsher Singh (right)

Left v Right
…bringing back the art of debate

Left v Right is a short weekly debate on selected current affairs stories. Lasting just 4 minutes, the discourse features two individuals mooting contrasting views about a topical news story making headlines that week globally, from within the UK, and in the Sikh/Punjabi world. The show aims to get people engaged with different views of everyday events, fostering a greater sense of tolerance and understanding for opinions that aren’t our own.