About naujawani

naujawani /na:’dzwanI/ noun. youthfulness, youth; prime of life.

At naujawani we believe in making a better World for all by speaking without fear, tackling injustice and challenging the status quo. We write, create and produce content that inspires people to think for themselves and engages them in discourse. Our writers use well thought-out arguments and creative reasoning to present what we see going on in the World in the cultural, social and political spheres.

The naujawani website was launched in 2006 as an online media platform for a global Sikh and Punjabi audience. In the years since, we have developed into creating original videos, well thought-out articles & ace podcasts for everybody, irrespective of their nationality, religion or background, but in doing so offering a uniquely Sikh and Punjabi perspective on issues.

naujawani embodies a spirit of youthful exuberance for life that is not restricted to young, English speaking Sikhs or Punjabis. Our content is driven by the issues and events that are relevant to our audience as well as bringing to attention the stories that should be of importance in our lives. Our motto has been to “strive to serve the young and young at heart” for it is the inquisitive nature of the fledgling mind that we want to evoke. And such a mind can emerge in any person, of any age, at any time.