a naujawani feature film
When twelve people are thrown together into a single room as their World collapses outside, they are forced to look deep within and make the toughest decision of their lives

About this project

‘Their Last Stand’ is a naujawani production that was our first crowd-funded project launched in Spring 2015.

We opted not to fund the project through third-party websites, but retained familiar elements such as rewards for contributors and a sample of what we were trying to produce. We did not ask for donations – we asked our audience to back this film by buying their ticket to watch in advance, which was the perk available to every person contributing. There were a number of exciting opportunities for contributors to be part of our film-making process and you can read more about these in the crowd funding section further below.

Why this project?

Films based on contemporary history of importance to Sikhs have made their way onto the big screen in recent years.

Many were limited in their scope and vantage point, trying to narrate far too many strands of what transpired; almost all incorporated elements of cinematic story-telling that is popular in South Asia, but inappropriate for this subject matter, such as musical numbers and melodramatic acting. Our aim was to go to the other end of the spectrum, and to produce a film that is restricted to a single set, confined to twelve characters, and (hopefully) engaging the audience to ask what took place that summer in 1984.


To help our crowdfunding project contributors get a better sense of ‘Their Last Stand’, we produced a short film capturing the drama and intensity that will be reflected in the feature production. Watch it back below.


‘Their Last Stand’ is the story of how twelve Sikhs faced the invasion of Darbar Sahib Amritsar, by the Indian State in June 1984. Despite being from differing backgrounds, they find themselves encamped together and forced to come to terms with the reality of the situation that they are in: besieged, without provisions, and facing a certain death. Amidst the questions, lamentations and struggles that each of them goes through in the hours that they are together, is a growing realisation that they have a decision to make – the most important one of their lives.


Written and directed by Harwinder Singh Mander
1st Assistant Director: Raj Hundal
2nd Assistant Director: Narvir Singh
Camera Operators: Raj Hundal, Narvir Singh
Editor: Narvir Singh
Script Editors: Jagdish Kaur Lall, Meharban Singh Lall
Produced by Jagdish kaur Lall, Bhups Deol
Music by Jetsonic & Squire Tuck; ‘The Last Whale’ by Jeremy Wray
Executive Producer: Jagdip Singh Mander

Starring: Ajmeet Singh, Baljit Singh, Biravtar Singh, Charan Singh, Chater Singh, Gurpreet Singh Rehal, Iqbal Singh Grewal, Jairam Singh Parmar, Pavandeep Singh Sandhu, Satbir Singh Kalirai, Shamsher Singh, Sunmit Singh

Crowdfunding Perks

Crowd-funding for Their Last Stand ran throughout Spring 2015 when the project was initiated

A total of £3316 was raised by over 40 backers – thank you! We (the film-makers) have committed £20,000 of our own money to add to the budget and will be spending in excess of that now the production level has grown considerably.

Screening ticket

A £6 contribution will be rewarded with a ticket to our first public screening.

Film t-shirt

A £24 contribution will be rewarded with a promotional t-shirt relating to the film PLUS the previous rewards.

Premiere Screening ticket

A £120 investment will be rewared with 2 tickets to the premiere screening of the film alongside the cast, crew and other invited guests PLUS all previous rewards.

Promotional Poster

A £12 contribution garners a cinematic release poster PLUS the previous reward.

Framed prints

A £48 contribution will be rewarded with a set of framed prints of stills from the film PLUS all previous rewards.

Behind the scenes

A £300 investment gives the opportunity to provide feedback on a range of elements from the film which our director and writer will take on board PLUS all other rewards!


I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. In the context of Sikh and/or Punjabi affairs I am mostly known for my editorial articles and essays, but I have been a creative writer for some time now, authoring work for national broadcasters as well as working as a ghost writer. ‘Their Last Stand’ as a short film came about purely by chance when, whilst working on a different film, I found myself with over a dozen Sardar background-artistes (extras) who were not required on set for a shoot that they had all planned for in advance. Many of these guys had taken days off from work so rather than waste their holiday entitlement, I put forward the idea of shooting this short film. As luck would have it, a very talented videographer by the name of Raj Hundal was amongst the extras and agreed to shoot the short film with us, despite the short notice. Along with my regular creative collaborator at naujawani, Narvir Singh, we set to work creating the setting for ’12 Angry Men’ (the original working title!) with just a few hours notice. We found support from a new face at naujawani, Jagdish Kaur Lall who proved herself a most resourceful production assistant, and by the time we were shooting, she had taken over all elements of the production!

To say that I was surprised by what we were able to produce with limited planning, no money and an incredibly supportive cast, is an understatement. However, it wasn’t plain sailing; when we watched back the first edit, I was unhappy and disappointed with what I saw and I drew a line under the project as another one to chalk up to experience. However, undeterred, Narvir continued to work on the edit and came back to me with a wonderful vision of what could be. With the support of our most talented videographer Gurbir Singh Nakhwal, he created the short film that we are launching this crowd-funding project with – ‘Their Last Stand’. I am delighted that this creative team will be working together to create the feature film and with your backing, we will be adding more talented individuals to our crew to make this become the film that we know it can be.

Harwinder Singh Mander

Writer & Director

Behind the scenes of the short film

"I'm thankful by the opportunity I was given by working alongside all of these other individuals on the…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Monday, March 30, 2015

"It was a privilege to be working with some very talented people, and at times I felt a little out of my depth as my…

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"Being part of 'Their Last Stand' was a very interesting opportunity and a somewhat surreal experience to explore the…

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"It was a genuine privilege to have gotten a chance to work on 'Their Last Stand'. It didn't feel like I was there to…

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"Being on the set of this production was such a memorable experience, far from what I imagined normal shoot day would be…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Monday, April 13, 2015

"The Sikh narrative is missing from the events of '84 and have been distorted through propaganda. With this film our…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"My initial thoughts before taking part in 'Their Last Stand' was no different to when we make our other videos at…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Featuring in 'Their Last Stand' provided me with an opportunity to really identify with those inside Darbar Sahib when…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"I was privileged to take part in 'Their Last Stand'. It was very surreal because none of us were professional or even…

Posted by Their Last Stand on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Casting submissions

Auditions in July 2018

Talent must be able to:

  • speak Punjabi proficiently;
  • work in the UK;
  • available in Winter 2018.
  • Phone Number

    +44 (0)7870 138616

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