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A Town-Hall meeting is an informal public meeting, function, or event typically open to everybody in a community. Attendees present ideas, voice their opinions, and ask questions of the public figures at the town hall.

In this online ‘Town Hall’ event, Harinder Singh of the Sikh Research Institute will engage with young people and their questions about tomorrow’s Sarbat Khalsa.

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What is a Sarbat Khalsa?

A Sarbat Khalsa was traditionally held twice a year to coincide with Vaisakhi and Bandi Chhor Divas, where Sikhs of all backgrounds would gather to debate and discuss the issues of concern to the Panth. The Sarbat is but one of a number of political forums that were introduced by the House of Guru Nanak for people to take control of their society and in so doing, their own destinies.

The Challenge

The voices of Sikhs in the Diaspora are almost entirely unrepresented in Punjab, but those of young people and females in particular are even less so. Harinder Singh of the Sikh Research Institute is presently in Punjab and has been working towards greater clarity at the Sarbat – he is taking time out to respond live to the questions of young people here in the West. Ask away!

#Askabout #SarbatKhalsa2015

Social Media

Ask Harinder Singh your questions in advance on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #AskAbout #SarbatKhalsa2015

Live Youtube chat

Ask your questions in the live chat that will be running alongside the Online ‘Town Hall’ stream

Email your questions

If you prefer, send your questions to us by email using our online contact form

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