Their Last Stand

a naujawani feature film

When twelve people are thrown together into a single room as their World collapses outside, they are forced to look deep within and make the toughest decision of their lives


A film made in England, UK.

About this project

On this page you will find more information about why we are making this film, who is involved so far, and why we are looking for your support. What we need right now is your help to get the word out about it and to gather enough contributions to do justice to the project, so thank you for taking the time to visit – we hope that you will back ‘Their Last Stand’.

This is our first attempt at crowd-funding a project and as you might have realised we haven’t taken one of the more commonly known routes, but you’ll still see some familiar elements such as rewards for your contributions and regular updates on our dedicated Facebook page. Most importantly though, we’re not asking for your donations – we’re asking you to back this film by buying your ticket to watch it in advance. For those of you who want to show us even more support, we have further exciting incentives and opportunities for you to be part of our film-making process. Read more about these in the ‘Rewards for Backers’ section further below.

To help you get a better sense of ‘Their Last Stand’, we’ve produced a short film capturing the drama and intensity that will be reflected in the feature production. Watch it back on our youtube channel now; feel free to leave any comments and if you like it, please share it with your friends and family along with a link to this page. We plan to make the film over the summer, ready for release by the end of the year. Read more about this in the ‘Where will our contributions go’ section further below.


Back this project and contribute to the making of ‘Their Last Stand’ now.




‘Their Last Stand’ is the story of how twelve Sikhs faced the invasion of Darbar Sahib Amritsar, by the Indian State in June 1984. Despite being from differing backgrounds, they find themselves encamped together and forced to come to terms with the reality of the situation that they are in: besieged, without provisions, and facing a certain death. Amidst the questions, lamentations and struggles that each of them goes through in the hours that they are together, is a growing realisation that they have a decision to make – the most important one of their lives.

The story behind this film

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. In the context of Sikh and/or Punjabi affairs I am mostly known for my editorial articles and essays, but I have been a creative writer for some time now, authoring work for national broadcasters as well as a ghost writer. ‘Their Last Stand’ as a short film came about purely by chance when, whilst working on a different film, I found myself with over a dozen Sardar background-artistes (extras) who were not required on set for a shoot that they had all planned for in advance. Many of these guys had taken days off from work so rather than waste their holiday entitlement, I put forward the idea of shooting this short film. As luck would have it, a very talented videographer by the name of Raj Hundal was amongst the extras and agreed to shoot the short film with us, despite the short notice. Along with my regular creative collaborator at, Narvir Singh, we set to work creating the setting for ’12 Angry Men’ (which was always just a working title!) with just a few hours notice. We found support from a new face at, Jagdish Kaur Lall who proved herself a most resourceful production assistant, and by the time we were shooting, she had taken over all elements of the production!

To say that I was surprised by what we were able to produce with limited planning, no money and an incredibly supportive cast, is an understatement. However, it wasn’t plain sailing; when we watched back the first edit, I was unhappy and disappointed with what I saw and I drew a line under the project as another one to chalk up to experience. However, undeterred, Narvir continued to work on the edit and came back to me with a wonderful vision of what could be. With the support of our most talented videographer Gurbir Singh Nakhwal, he created the short film that we are launching this crowd-funding project with – ‘Their Last Stand’. I am delighted that this creative team will be working together to create the feature film and with your backing, we will be adding more talented individuals to our crew to make this become the film that we know it can be. Please, watch the short film, leave a comment, share the project and if you feel what we feel about it, contribute!” -Harwinder Singh Mander

Back the film and be rewarded!

You can contribute anywhere from £6 – £300 and will be appropriately rewarded with one or more of our related incentives! Every contribution will receive a ticket to see the finished film – dates and locations will be confirmed at least 4 weeks before the screening in November. To back ‘Their Last Stand’ visit our secure online shop and help us to make this film one to remember.

A £6 contribution is rewared with a ticket to our first screenings of the film (estimated to be November 2015). A screening will take place in each of London, Birmingham, Toronto, Vancouver, New York City, and the Bay Area of California.

For a £12 contribution you will receive a cinematic release poster (estimated delivery September 2015) PLUS the previous reward.

For a £24 contribution you will receive a promotional t-shirt related to the film (estimated delivery September 2015) PLUS the previous rewards.

For a £48 contribution you will receive a set of framed prints of stills from the actual film (estimated delivery September 2015) PLUS all previous rewards.

For a £120 investment you will receive 2 tickets to the premiere screening of the film alongside the cast, crew and other invited guests which will be held in London (November 2015) PLUS all previous rewards.*

For a £300 investment you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on a range of elements from the film which our director and writer will take on board. Harwinder Singh Mander will make 3 personal Skype calls to you at a time most suitable to you and you will also be invited on to our set for an afternoon to see what goes on behind the scenes.

*An international premiere will be held in Toronto which North American contributors can attend. Contributors at this level will have to pay their own travel and accommodation costs as necessary.

For any person wishing to show how much they believe in this film, we are offering the role of an Executive Producer for an investment of £6000. You can get involved in the production of the film as much or as little as you wish, but for this investment you will become a fully-fledged member of the production team and receive a percentage of any Box Office revenue.**

Where will our contributions go?

We are a business and not a charity so a little over 20% of all revenue generated will go towards taxes and fees, whilst almost 10% will be spent producing your rewards and those all important first screenings. That leaves a significant 70% of your contributions which will be used to produce this film to be as great as we know it can be. From a better set to more rehearsal time, from authentic props to improved lighting, every contributor who backs this film will be helping to make it a much better production all round.

Once our crowd-funding period ends on Sunday 19 April, we will be fully immersed in production of ‘Their Last Stand’ aiming to begin shooting on set at the end of June. We expect to be in post production for around ten weeks afterwards, before the premiere and first screenings in November.

Our aim is to take ‘Their Last Stand’ to as wide an audience as possible. We anticipate that the film will have a public release in selected cities next year, following showings at film festivals and of course those exclusive first screenings that your backing will provide you with a ticket to. With the budgets that we are working to, we don’t need our films to be box office hits in order to recoup our investment, but rest assured however well we do will be reinvested into making future productions and enhancing our work online as a whole.

** On Monday 20 April, a contract will be sent to you detailing your involvement in the film and outlining potential returns. All parties wishing to take up this reward are advised to contact us by email in the first instance ( to discuss it further.